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Low education completion rates

One of equinim's focuses is education, globally. In this article, we look at how Australia has been going...

The 2017 Vocational Education and Training completion rates have been released. Here at equinim we consider the education completion rates poor and having an impact on skills in the Australian workforce. The government research body, NCVER has reported the national completion rates for 2017:

  • 49.0% for all qualifications

  • 49.9% for training package qualifications

  • 40.4% for accredited qualifications

  • 31.1% for qualifications at certificate I

  • 58.9% for qualifications at diploma or above

  • 50.0% for government-funded qualifications undertaken by domestic students

  • 42.9% for fee-for-service qualifications undertaken by domestic students

  • 70.1% for fee-for-service qualifications undertaken by international students.

Australian Vocational Education and Training providers need to start considering more effective ways to engage learners and raise completion rates. From industry feedback we have observed, despite providers wanting completion rates to increase they are struggling with ways to balance, competency based curriculum requirements, compliance and student engagement.

Despite the perceived difficulties, education providers need to focus on learner engagement. More Intelligent systems need to be implemented to integrate provider key areas resulting in better student performance.

Members of the equinim team have experience working with RTO's in strategic management for increasing student rates. Despite the difficult requirements they were able to maintain compliance standards and in fact raise them to leadership level, improve curriculum, increase student satisfaction and to the delight of the team, raise overall completion rates.

Completion rates are important. Education providers as a whole need to work towards not compromising but working Intelligently to find ways to impact on completion.

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