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Modern day meetings

Are you lacking time for meetings, is everyone engaged and are you achieving what can be achieved?

These questions surrounding meetings are often asked to our team. But what is the best way in the modern world to conduct a meeting?

You have to consider modern times and therefore human behaviour. People are used to quick hit information.

Monitoring human absorbing information behaviour has shown people are accustomed to information in small bites. This can potentially be seen as a negative, we like to see it as a positive.


Learn to keeps things concise, on-topic and as simple as possible.

There is no reason why meetings need to drag out. Keep meeting time for meetings and allow other time for connecting and socialising.

Adapting to new environments

It's a moving world, learn to move with it and you can achieve some order and flow. Meetings don't have to be constrained to a normal work environment. Consider new ways you can meet on-the-go. In a world of connectivity there are many ways you can create connection points whilst travelling. Just remember to prepare and stay focussed.

At equinim we believe everything is possible, you just need to find how. If you're struggling, contact our consulting team and we would love to help.

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