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How do we achieve sustainability in a rapidly developing and advancing world?

The key to sustainability, in all its senses, starts with the letter “R”.

Is it Reduce?



Well, yes, it is of course all of those things. However, to us, there is a bigger “R” word, that encapsulates it all.

That R word, is Responsibility.

Not responsibility as in a duty that we all hate and resent, but responsibility borne from knowing that our actions have an effect – a ramification. When we care about that ramification, we naturally want to make decisions that are responsible. Because we benefit from this too (as does everyone).

The responsibility that is taken, is in our decisions, and their effect on us and those around us. Eventually, when we see this,we may come to see “those around us” as meaning the whole world.

Environmental responsibility flows naturally from those who care about their impact on themselves, and people around them, does it not?

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