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Gender balance in leadership?

Do you need to have an even split in genders in leadership?

Perhaps the answer is yes, and no.

The key is to not ever place a leader because you need to fill a spot with one gender or another. The key is to place the leader that is precisely the one who is required, for what needs to be delivered, and what will be a great fit with the rest of the team.

No one wants to be a token member of a leadership team/exec. They want to be placed because of who they are and all they offer and bring.

At equinim, we have male and female leaders – and why? Because the balance is great, they work superbly together, and each one is there because of the unique attributes they bring. Together, they bring a tapestry of excellence and customer focus that is sought after.

We can learn and gain much by taking away pictures of what we think it needs to look like, and allowing our natural intelligence, which is equal in all, to shine through.

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