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Growth Results

Through well planned strategic management and execution of an innovative growth strategy, the team at equinim was able to achieve for a client a 270% growth in total revenue in 12 months. So how did we do it?

After detailed analysis and thorough review of all systems, management and consumer information, we developed a strategic plan for a 12-18 month period. The plan incorporated the whole business; it is ignorant to think this sort of true growth comes just from heavy marketing.


The team then entered the delivery side of the strategic plan, this included training and implementation of new systems, structures and marketing methods. After the roll out period occurred we reviewed the financial position and reported the 270% growth.

The growth team were not surprised, not because they are arrogant but because they closely worked with the organisation to ensure each step was being implemented. The organisation has now moved on to their next strategic plan, including growth and reputation building.

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